This article explains how to kill Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, then find Iosefka's Blood Vial in Bloodborne, following on from Nightmare of Mensis.

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To win the fight against Micolash, you're going to need to trail him throughout the battle. He also brings quite a few friends to the party in the form of skeletons, as well as two of those Tiny Gents you tussled with earlier. At the very start of the encounter you'll first of all need to track down the boss, so go upstairs and keep moving up and looping around until you see him. When you get near, he'll leg it into a room, so just follow him inside.

How to kill Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

In this first part of the fight proper, you should prioritise killing the skeletons before getting stuck into Micolash. These bony creatures will drop pretty quickly, but if you don't have a particularly powerful weapon you might have to hit them a few times to take them out.

When you've dealt with the skeletons, start laying into Micolash until he's down to 50 per cent health. There's not a lot to be concerned about during this first phase, but you do need to watch out for the boss's arm - you've seen a similar appendage when fighting other Hunters in the game. You'll see a blue spark telegraph this attack, so just get ready to dart to one side when it's about to launch. If you're close enough to Micolash when this special attack comes, you may even be able to dodge to his rear and then wind up a Charge Attack of your own.

As soon as the boss reaches the halfway point of its health, it'll vanish. Simply exit the room and then take the stairs to your right. Go out of the mist, then head up the circular stairway until you see a pair of those Tiny Gents. One of these uses a whip, while the other has a crossbow. Try to fight them one at a time, and make sure you loot all the goodies from the corpses littering this area as you go.

When you manage to track down Micolash again, he'll run off and eventually jump down and go inside a new room. You won't be able to follow him inside before the door closes, so keep heading up, then go to the right when you come to an opening in the ground. Go right, then jump down through this opening to find your prey once more.

The fight in this second room continues much as it did before, although watch out for the arcane ball that he summons above his head. This can fire out multiple magical projectile, so make sure you either interrupt this attack, or dodge continually to avoid the damage. Both gunfire and powerful weapons are enough to stop this assault before it can get started.

Once the boss is dead, you'll be able to loo the Mensis Cage head item. Now leave the room and go down the stairs on your right, before heading around the corner on your right. Take the Kin Coldblood from the corpse that's hidden just out of view, then carry on to the right until you come to the Iron Door Key.

Go up until you come to a bridge, then cross it and light the Mergo's Loft: Middle lamp. Carry on heading up the stairs, then go around the corner until you come to more stairs. Kill the creatures nearby and loot the Blood Stone Chunks from the corpse.

Fighting the Shadow of Yharnam again

Head up the next set of stairs, then head left until you find those Shadow of Yharnam monsters you fought earlier. You should find the fight a good deal easier this time around, but we still recommend taking them on one at a time by splitting them up and backing up.

When they're all dead, go upstairs until you come to a small set of stairs that lead down. Ignore this route, and instead look left to where a small path is - head down it and take the Blood Stone Chunks from the corpse when you come to it.

How to kill the Spider Pigs

Head to the top of this section until you encounter a load of Spider Pigs. You should be able to sneak up on the first one and take it down using a Charge Attack. Try to separate the other ones if possible, but if you have to fight them together just make sure you dodge out of the way when they approach on two legs, so you avoid the special attack.

In the pig section, look left and take the items from the corpses nearby. Go all the way around to the far left until you come to a set of stairs that lead down. Kill the Bell Caller below, then the Shadow of Yharnam monsters, then loot the corpses nearby for some useful items.

Go down the stairs over in the corner until you're in the water, then keep taking the path to your left until you reach an Imp. Kill it quickly, then carry on following the water left and towards the stairs. Go up them, then jump down and go upstairs again.

How to get hold of Iosefka's Blood Vial

This time around, keep heading towards the top of this region, killing the Shadow of Yharnam creatures you encounter as you go. At the top, ignore the woman in white for now, and instead go down the stairs on the other side. Go all the way around to the right until you come to a chest. Take the Iosefka's Blood Vial item, then go through the door in front of you.

Use the lift to go down towards the Mergo's Loft: Middle lamp and make a shortcut, then head back up and approach the woman in white. Head up the next load of stairs on your left until you come to another lift. Go down the corridor to start the next fight with Mergo's Wet Nurse.

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