This article explains how to kill Amygdala and light the Amygdala's Chamber lamp in Bloodborne, following on from Nightmare Frontier.

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After all this time running around and dodging the attention of those Giant Beings, it's finally time to get stuck into one and get some payback. This boss has quite a large number of attacks to stay on top of, but as long as you proceed with caution you should be OK.

How to kill Amygdala: boss hints and tips

First of all, making use of weapons with good range will help out a lot. The Threaded Cane is perfect because of both its speed and its range, whereas the Hunter Axe is tougher work because of its comparatively slower speed.

It probably hasn't escaped your attention that Amygdala has many arms, and your job is to either hit the boss on its head or one of these appendages. The legs are quite easy to reach as they're near the floor, but the head will only drop during certain attack patterns, and the arms are wobbling around in the air - hence the usefulness of the Cane here.

In terms of range, it's best to stick near the arms but off to one side. From here, you should be able to avoid the worst of Amygdala's front-facing damage, while still sticking close enough that you can do damage of your own. At the start of the battle, you just need to get away from the boss's arm-slashing attacks. It'll fire lasers at you if you're too far away at any point, but they're pretty easy to dodge.

The boss is also rather fond of leaping up and trying to stomp down on you using its feet if you're nearby. When it reaches the halfway health point, it'll also rip a couple of arms off and start whacking you with them. This increases Amygdala's range, but there's no reason to change your combat approach when this happens. Just keep hitting the head and the arms, and stay off to one side to avoid the worst of your opponent's damage output.

You'll also see a bigger laser shot fire out of the boss's head as well, but it's no harder to dodge than the earlier ones. Just be aware that after each shot, Amygdala's head will be much closer to the ground, making it easier to attack. It won't stay in this position for long, but it should be enough time to rush in and throw out a few solid whacks that does the boss some serious damage.

When the boss is finally dead, make your way upstairs and then light the Amygdala's Chamber lamp.

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