This article explains how to survive Nightmare Frontier and kill the Octosquids and Fur Giants in Bloodborne, following on from the Lecture Building.

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Use the Nightmare Frontier lamp, then go through the opening in front of you. Make your way towards the cliff-edge, then look over to your left towards an Imp. Kill it before it can escape, then go up the hill on your left. Just before you reach the enemy at the top of a hill is a corpse - take the Madman's Knowledge from it.

Inch up towards the Werebeast, then use a Charge Attack and a critical strike to bring it down. Carry on right, then jump down to where the corpse is to get a pair of Lead Elixirs. Carry on along the path, taking out the Werebeasts using stealth wherever possible. You'll find one creature patrolling around, and another stationary.

Where to find the Fading Lake rune in Bloodborne

As soon as you get to the green lantern, carry on heading forwards, then go up the hill on your left. Watch out for the pair of Hunters who attack. When the ambush happens, just run back a bit so you can split them up. When they're dead, go up the path and take the Fading Lake rune from the corpse. Once you've got it, head back downhill.

How to kill the Octosquids

Keep your eyes peeled for a woman on your left ringing a bell. Once you've spotted her, circle round to the area below until you get to an Undead Beast. When you've killed it, take the Blood Vials from the corpse. Make your way back up to higher ground, then kill the Octosquids in front of you. These aren't too tough to kill, but watch out for their spitting attack. The bigger variants of this creature will also rear up and spray a poisonous mist at you, so be ready for this extra attack.

Be careful of the water too as it's equally capable of poisoning you. Lure the Octosquids away using Molotov Cocktails and Pebbles. Now look for a cave to the right of the waters here. Go towards it, enter, and then kill the Bell Caller. When she's dead, go back to where you fought the Werebeast, and this time take the path to your right.

At the cave, use the left-hand part of this section to get out of the way of the boulders being chucked about by the Fur Giants. Kill each one of them, then kill the Werebeast who's also in the local vicinity.

As soon as you get to a stone bridge, take a right and head towards the Daddy Imp. These creatures are like the regular Imps, but put up more of a fight and drop better items. When it's dead, head towards the bridge but don't cross it yet. Instead, look for the stone ramp to the right of the bridge. Step onto the ramp edge and it'll drop, providing you with a shortcut back to the Nightmare Frontier lamp. Now go back to that bridge, cross it, and go inside the cave directly in front of you.

Where to find the Clockwise Metamorphosis rune

There's a Fur Giant up ahead of you. Kill it, then turn around until you see the path on your left. Head down it and take the Clockwise Metamorphosis rune from the corpse, then go back to where the Fur Giant was. Carry on along the right-hand path until you come to a corpse containing the Stunning Deep Sea rune.

Carry on into the next cave along until you come to another Octosquid. There are quite a few of these creatures around here, so pick them off efficiently, then take the Frenzied Coldblood from the corpse. Take the path down to the lower area and kill the rest of the Octosquids - just keep an eye out for the boulder-tossing Fur Giants.

If you're struggling here, dodge quickly over the water towards the green light. Kill the Fur Giant here, then enter the next cave. Keep on the path to your right and you'll encounter a Brain Trust creature. Avoid these enemies as much as possible as they can easily inflict frenzy on you.

How to kill the Brain Trust enemy in Bloodborne

Wait in the corner, then use the camera until you can just spot the Brain Trust. When it turns around to continue its patrol, get behind it and use a Charge Attack and a critical strike to finish it off. When you reach the end of the path here, go left and up the path where you'll find another one of those Daddy Imps. Kill the enemy, then carry on along the path to get more Frenzied Coldblood off a corpse.

Finally, turn around and then go to the other end of the path where another corpse holds a Madman's Knowledge. Keep going down the left-hand path until you come to a pair of Imps you can kill. Keep taking the path around those poisonous waters until you reach another corpse with another Madman's Knowledge. You can now take the path in front of you to start the boss fight with Amygdala.

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