Reactions to the UK's heatwave this week have been mixed, from people complaining loudly on social media to people complaining quietly to themselves in a darkened room because they can't muster the energy to go on social media.

If you were playing the Game Boy Advance's Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand, however, you would be delighted, because this game had a photometric sensor on its cartridge that charged an in-game weapon, harnessing the power of the Earth's actual Sun. That's gimmick one of these ridiculous game gimmicks too beautiful for this world.

Speaking of unnecessarily complicated gadgets, the upcoming Rainbow Six: Siege has them in spades. We admit to having a soft spot for the Cluster Charge, which attaches to a wall and pumps four grenades into a room without you even having to open a door, while other useful widgets include a revolutionary breaching device that never runs out of charge: a massive sledgehammer.

That's almost as resourceful as some of the hardware you'll be using to destroy enemy vehicles in the upcoming Mad Max game, among which is Max's shotgun, twin undermounted flamethrowers and a combination harpoon and grenade launcher known as 'Thunderpoon'.

The harpoon launcher comes in useful when you are fighting cars in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Do you want to pull off an enemy's wheels? Go for it. Or why not aim directly at the driver and yank them through the windshield, keeping the car intact so you can use it to infiltrate an enemy base. Or to drag warboys around the wasteland like a psychopath, why not.

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