Frog Fractions is a bit nuts. Its upcoming crowdfunded sequel seems even nuttier. Now its made up mini-game about its fundraising campaign, Kickstarter Simulator 2015, is nuttiest.


More a joke than a game, Kickstarter Simulator 2015 puts you in the role of a concerned citizen tasked with stopping Frog Fractions creator Jim Crawford and pals from butchering their Frog Fractions 2 crowdfunding campaign. You do this this way you do most things in video games: by shooting people.

Designed as a parody of FMV games from the days of yore, you're shown a video of the Frog Fractions 2 team brainstorming some terrible ideas to make money. You can either shoot them and watch the devs keel over in pain, or intentionally hold fire and let them dig their own graves.

It's funny. It's stupid. It's more Frog Fractions... sort of.

Frog Fractions 2 is currently well on its way to meeting its $60K goal with $53,219 acquired and six days to go before the 9th April deadline. And remember, if it reaches its $2 billion stretch goal, the team will attempt to buy Oculus from Facebook.

These VCR games is where everything is headed!

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