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SD Adaptor launch and eCard revamp

Nintendo gets its peripherals in order.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo is finally preparing to release the SD Card Adaptor for GameCube on June 27th in Japan, which was originally announced way back before the Cube even launched. This is useful because it will allow players to swap data between Cube and PC, and Nintendo is launching a piece of PC software called Animal Forest e+, also on June 27th, which will allow you to take pictures from Animal Forest and pass them on to your friends via the computer.

Also useful for Animal Forest fans is the eCard Reader Plus, due out on July 18th in Japan, which adds an expansion port to the top of the original design allowing you to stick a GC-GBA link cable and the eCard Reader into the GBA at the same time. As you can imagine, this is handy for transferring eCard data to the Cube - something we plan to have a go at when we pick up a bunch of them whilst we're in the US.

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