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E3 2003: Midway's line-up

Roadkill, Spy Hunter 2, The Suffering, ESPionage, NARC, etc.

Our chums at Midway have provided us with its plans for E3, including the games which are tantalisingly “behind closed doors”. We’ve not seen any of the games mentioned before, so we’re keen to see whether the former arcade veteran can provide us with some excitement.

The line up reads like this:

  • Xbox, PS2 and GameCube - Roadkill, Spy Hunter 2, The Suffering, NHL Hitz 20-04, Freestyle Metal X, Freaky Flyers, ESPionage, Area 51 and NARC (the latter pair behind closed doors only).
  • GBA only - Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition, Justice League, Static Shock