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No E3 debut for PS3

Categorical denials from Sony.

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The pre E3 rumour mill cranked up to eleven this morning, with our US sources insisting that Sony is hosting a behind closed doors event at the show to give the massed their very first glimpse of PS3. But not so, says Sony.

Speaking to Eurogamer this morning, Sony’s Jonathan Fargher said: "PlayStation 3 will categorically not be shown off at E3. I can honestly say to the best of my knowledge that this rumour is false.

"The PS2 remains the main focus. From a commercial and business sense it just wouldn’t make any sense to [show off PS3]. We’ve just broken the 50 million barrier, we’re outselling the competition by about four to one…there’s a lot of life in the old dog yet," Fargher offered.

Referring to GT4, Fargher inferred that the PS2 would be pushed to new levels, with its renowned performance analyser achieving unprecedented results. "You’ll be impressed when you see [GT4]," he said.

"We’ve got loads of new games to show off, and haven’t even launched online gaming in Europe yet," he added.

But despite the flat denials, the feeling persists that Sony will be keen to launch PS3 ahead of its rivals and build up the kind of unassailable lead that it has managed with such all-conquering ease with the current generation - and E3 would be a good platform to introduce developers to the technology.

Sony has a pre-E3 event scheduled for May 13th, and Eurogamer will be there to see what the company has up its sleeve. Confirmed games so far include Jak 2, GT4, Ghosthunter (behind closed doors), Destruction Derby Arenas, Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, Syphon Filter Omega Strain, Rise To Honor, Hardware Online Arena, Twisted Metal Black Online, Deka Voice, My Street, This Is Football 2004, World Rally Championship Online, Kin, Everquest, Formula One 2004, Final Fantasy X-2, and Eye Toy.

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