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Kemco signs Bits' Rogue Ops

Stealth and action in one game? It might catch on!

Kemco is to publish Bits Studios' Rogue Ops, an action-adventure title about former Green Beret Nikki Connors (eh? She used to be a hat?), who is on a mission to destroy the terrorist organisation Omega 19 because she reckons they killed her husband and daughter.

The game will apparently combine stealth (body-dragging, low light/infrared/X-ray vision modes, dart guns, etc) and action (ten weapons - that's about all we know), and is due out on PS2, Xbox and GameCube during Q4 2003. Each version is apparently being given serious attention, and they're even throwing in multiplayer and downloadable content via Xbox Live for the green box version.

"Early feedback on the title is that we have something very special and we are eager to place it in the hands of gamers later this year," said Kemco's sales and marketing veepee Glenn Halseth.