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E3 2003: NCsoft's line-up

City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Kingdom Under Fire 2, Shining Lore.

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NCsoft has become the latest company to reel off its E3 line-up ahead of the show, and it includes some games we haven't seen since May last year. The full line-up includes City of Heroes, Exarch, Guild Wars, Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle, Shining Lore and Kingdom Under Fire 2: The Crusaders. The latter is on Xbox, whilst all the others make their beds in PC-land. "At this year's Expo, NCsoft wants to present the future of online gaming as we envision it," said CEO Jin Kim. " We have an exciting lineup of products that will underline this vision and communicate to those who visit us that NCsoft is leading the way in creating and publishing innovative online games."

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