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3D Metal Slug and SNK vs. Capcom underway

Playmore relaunches SNK in America.

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Japanese firm Playmore is once again refusing to let the spirit of SNK die, by opening a new US office - SNK NeoGeo USA Consumer - somewhere in New Jersey. Far from just a snazzily-named US subsidiary (they already have a coin-op oriented SNK NeoGeo USA office in Cypress, California), the New Jersey outfit will focus on a couple of major upcoming games; 3D versions of Metal Slug and SNK vs. Capcom, both in development for PlayStation 2.

Also on the cards are GBA ports of the above, currently being planned with the help of Nintendo. Even better, the office is pursuing a US publishing deal to bring existing console ports of its arcade titles recently released in Japan to US shores. They'll even be at E3.

OK, it isn't a European office, which would be ideal, but at least it means we get original SNK content in English. It's a start. Now it just remains to be seen whether it'll be any good.

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