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Deee-lite singer sues Sega

Groove is in the lawsuit.

GameSpot reports that the lead singer of Deee-lite has filed suit against Sega because she thinks Space Channel 5 character Ulala is a rip-off. Of her. "Lady Miss Kier", as singer Kierin Kirby (sue her!) likes to be known, claims that Ulala's knee-high boots, make-up, miniskirts and backpacks are similar to her own, resulting in misappropriation of likeness, unfair competition, unjust enrichment and more. The lawsuit apparently also states that audiences will most likely be confused by the likeness.

At the risk of editorialising, who in the name of Sonic the Hedgehog is this crazed woman? And why is she picking on Sega? There are plenty of other women in gaming who dress like that (Lara for one) whose minders have tons of money. Sega does not.