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Five Live for Sega

Plus news of Headhunter on Xbox, Otogi's European date "and more".

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Sega's commitment to Xbox Live appears to be strong, with no fewer than five of its forthcoming titles for 2003 supporting Microsoft's online gaming service.

But before you get too excited, three of these are US sports titles (NFL 2K4 and NBA 2K4 out Q3, and NHL 2K4 out Q4), with the remainder being Phantasy Star Online (out May 23rd), and Sega GT Online (out Q4).

Its latest release European release schedule, issued a matter of minutes ago before our tasty lunch, sheds a little more light on the release dates for its newly announced titles, with the Xbox-only Otogi - Myth of Demons confirmed for a September release, the PS2 and now apparently Xbox stealth shooter Headhunter: Redemption in for a more ambiguous Q4 release, as is the GameCube exclusive Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, and the all formats Worms 3D.

At some unspecified point in (hopefully early) 2004 we will get Sonic Heroes on PS2, Xbox and GameCube, along with PSO Episode III on GameCube, Dororo on PS2 and Altered Beast on PS2. No sign of Kunoichi, Vectorman, Virtual On Marz or Sonic Pinball Party. Maybe later eh?

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