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Zelda bonus disk 60Hz-only

No dice, PAL.

Weeeell. They had to screw something up, didn't they? It just wouldn't be a major Nintendo release without something going slightly awry. The Wind Waker's release date seemed almost reasonable (given the Metroid farce at least), the addition of a 50/60Hz selection screen to the main game was much appreciated, and the inclusion of the bonus disc in every single copy of the game - as opposed to a pre-order handout in a flimsy paper wallet - was inspired. But as it turns out, there is one snag: you'll need a 60Hz-compatible TV to run the Ocarina of Time/Master Quest disc at all. It simply does not support 50Hz PAL output according to a variety of sources.

Of course this won't bother too many people, and it seems almost hypocritical of us to complain about this given how much we bitch and whine about the lack of 60Hz options in other titles, but nevertheless, it's a bit of an oversight, isn't it? Oh well, as least they didn't hire Jude Law to voice over for Link in the UK or anything daft like that.

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