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No new releases, Splinter Cell still on top

The sad little week that publishers forgot.

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Probably the poorest week of the year to date in terms of new releases has been matched by an almost stagnant UK Top 40, with Ubi Soft's Splinter Cell holding on to its place at the top of the All-Formats chart.

The only new releases of note last Friday were Take 2's excellent Tropico 2 (review coming soon) and THQ's Pride FC, neither of which make it into the Top 40 - or indeed into their respective Top 20 single-format charts, indicating dismally poor retail performance for both games.

It's all familiar names at the top of the chart, then; after Splinter Cell, EA's The Sims is still at number two, and Eidos' Championship Manager 4 is still at number three. FIFA 2003 is at number four, having swapped places with Primal, which is down one place this week to five.

Oh, and in case you're interested - the best selling GameCube game this week was Metroid Prime, which doesn't appear anywhere in the Top 40 chart, and the best selling Xbox game was, er, Halo. Again. It's hanging on precariously at number 39 in the All-Formats chart.

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