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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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E3 2003: CDV's line-up

Breed, Blitzkrieg, Vultures, The Kore Gang, to name but a few.

CDV has joined the long list of publishers to announce their E3 line-up ahead of the show, and amongst them are the firm's first Xbox titles; Vultures (a beat 'em up from Swedish developers Grin, of whom we are big fans) and The Kore Gang (a "jump'n'run game" from UDS and Zoink). Meanwhile on the PC, the epic-looking Breed (an FPS from British developer Brat Designs) will be the centrepiece of CDV's E3 presence, flanked by multiplayer space strategy title Galaxy Andromeda (Mithis), critically acclaimed RTS Blitzkrieg (Nival Interactive), and fellow RTSes No Man's Land (Related Designs) and Codename Panzers (Stormregion).

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