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Mario Kart GC gets network option

Online hopes "Double Dashed"? Ha. Pun writer fired?

Nintendo's Mario Kart: Double Dash webpage (singular) has been sneakily updated with news that the game will feature some measure of network play. "Pack eight players into your living room and turn up the fun when you connect two Nintendo GameCubes via the Broadband adaptor," the final line of the description now reads. There's no mention of online play, but given that the Cube should be quite cheap by the time Double Dash turns up, and the portability of the console, it seems quite possible that this might actually get used - and won't simply end up the Cube's equivalent of i.Link. Assuming the game's any cop, of course.

We'll be looking to try it out in eight-player at E3, where we also hope that the new visual style will look nicer in motion. Whatever happens, we should learn more about the game at Nintendo's press shindig on Tuesday May 13th.