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Trinity surfaces


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Activision has announced the development of a new first-person shooter with a somewhat familiar name. Trinity, in development by Id’s consistent bedfellows Gray Matter, was, if we recall correctly, the name of a project Id was working on before the announcement of Doom 3.

This quote from the GameSpot article raised some alarm bells over here: “The game is set in New Orleans in the year 2013, when a virulent plague is sweeping across the city. New Orleans' only hope to find the source of the virus and stop it from spreading further is the Nightstalker, a biologically enhanced hero who possesses superhuman powers. At the Nightstalker's disposal are weapons ranging from pistols and shotguns to grenade launchers and sniper rifles.” And what did those alarm bells sound like? They chimed “Deus Ex” to us.

Trinity is also said to include a feature called "FlashTime," which will enable players to dodge attacks and perform special moves. Replace “Flash” with “Bullet” and you get the picture.

Trinity could, of course, blow us all away with some mind-blowing originality and be seen to push the long stale FPS genre forwards a few light years, but we’ll reserve our judgement for E3.

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