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A Darkmonth for Dirty Apes

Ape Escapism.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Darkmonth (that's "month", not "mouth") Studios has announced its first original PC title, and is hoping to locate a publisher for it in short order - with representatives showing off a demo of the game to interested parties.

Yes, yes, this isn't very interesting news, but we're sure your interest will be heightened - as ours was - by the revelation that it is a cartoon RTS called Damn Dirty Apes. In which you control the Ape Army's elite fighting force, 51st Banana Battalion. Oh you care now.

The player will be put in control of various troops in five epic wars against numerous simian special forces; Gibbons, Orangutans, Baboons, Champanzees and Gorillas. Darkmonth wants a fast, playable game "of primate proportions", whatever thant means. Noteworthy features include a patented Blood-o-Rama technology "to accurately recreate the effects of extreme firepower on simian anatomy", and a slew of multiplayer modes.

It all sounds very silly, which is much the point according to creative director Graeme Laws: "We view Damn Dirty Apes as a form of escapism, offering a refreshing change from the realities of war which we see not only in a lot of modern RTS and FPS games but, sadly, in our media everyday. Aside from that, everyone loves monkeys, and there’s no better feeling than making an Ape soldier lob a napalm grenade at a group of Orangutan soldiers in a simian version of ‘Nam!”"

If Damn Dirty Apes can find itself a publisher, we should get our hands on it towards the end of the year.

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