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Lionhead takes RenderWare to The Movies

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Lionhead Studios will use RenderWare to fasttrack the development of The Movies on next-gen consoles (the game is also due out on PC), the middleware gurus Criterion have announced. As with previous titles like GTAIII and Burnout 2, which have utilised RenderWare to great effect, Lionhead will be hoping to free up time normally spent on low-end technical components, porting code and so on, and instead focus on what's important to the player.

The Movies, announced earlier this year, is a management sim based around Tinsel town, starting in the 20's and edging toward the present day as you build up a massive studio, making film, script, set and staff decisions as you go. We're hoping for a ChampMan-style ratings system for all prospective actors and actresses - any suggestions for categories, you lot? Vanity, temper and mental health might be a good start.

Of course, nobody at Lionhead has any real idea when The Movies will be finished (publisher Activision claims '2004'), but RenderWare should certainly hasten proceedings.

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