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Vivendi reveals Tribes: Vengeance

Missed the boat on this one, didn't we?

Somehow we let this one slip past us. Sorry about that. Anyway, Vivendi has revealed that development on the next in the Tribes series was well under way. Tribes: Vengeance is currently being worked on by Irrational Games of System Shock 2 and Freedom Force fame.

Intriguingly, the title will feature a full single player story-driven element alongside an improvement on the traditional multi player model. Ken Levine, general manager of Irrational Games rather ambitiously stated: "[Our plan is to] blow people away with a single-player story unlike anything ever seen in a video game."

Tribes: Vengeance is planned for release late 2004, which is actually a painfully long time away when you think about it. So don't think about it.

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