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Tekki/Steel Battalion Wars murmurings

Details of Steel Battalion's online debut sort of revealed

The first "details" of the Tekki/Steel Battalion online title have been scraped from the game's official Japanese website by IGN. Firstly, the game is now apparently titled Tekki Wars in Japan, though whether this means the Western counterpart will be rather awkwardly named Steel Battalion Wars remains to be seen - we would prefer Steel Battalion Online. The following piece of translated Japanese from the site reveals... well, not a lot:

  • Tekki has evolved
  • Tekki is being reborn an Online game
  • Meet your friends who own Tekki on the battlefield
  • Will you be friend or foe on the new battlefield of Tekki?
  • Tekki has evolved
  • Look forward to Tekki Wars.

So it's online, then? Anyway, the site also reveals that Japanese gaming weekly Famitsu will carry more information on Tekki Wars in the forthcoming issues on 16th and 23rd May, so expect more details to head our way around then.

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