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Rogue Squadron 3 details

Oh my.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A few details of LucasArts' Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike have been revealed over at The game will feature a return to the ice planet of Hoth, just like every other Star Wars game ever, and players are also seemingly able to enter and exit vehicles, probably only at specific points, to indulge in some third-person action. This is evident in one of the screenshots showing the player dangling beneath the chassis of an AT-AT, attacking it with a lightsabre, and another depicting some interior action that looks like it could be on board the Death Star.

The range of vehicles is apparently far wider reaching this time around as well, with the player taking charge of not only air and spacecraft, but also land speeders and AT-STs playing a role as well. Phwoar. The screenshots that have been shown off so far seem to indicate a massive boost in graphical quality and detail as well, and frankly... we're getting a bit excited. Oh yes, and there's a full two-player co-operative mode as well.

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