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CDV's Easter gift to you

Rabbit rabbit rabbit

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Image credit: Eurogamer

CDV has seen fit to offer PC gamers a little late Easter present, in the shape of Rosso Rabbit, a free download. Sadly, the download only consists of one level to try out, after which you can upgrade to the 18-level version for a measly €9.99/£6.95.

"Rosso Rabbit is a clever platform game in which you must steer our hopping hero through forests, meadows, mountains and ice, in search of carrots, beetroot, and exasperatingly well-hidden lettuces" gushes the press release. Not quite sure what it's getting at with "clever", but still... aww!

You can grab Rosso Rabbit from the official website. Unfortunately you're not able to turn the website music off, a crime punishable by death. Sorry Rosso.

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