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Vectorman to show at E3

War Of The Robots?

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Vectorman, one of Sega's classics from the 16-bit era, is the latest in a string of old titles to get the remake treatment. The game, developed by Pseudo Interactive for PlayStation 2 and expected for release early 2004, will get its first proper showing this year at E3.

The modern update sees the game take shape as a third-person action shooter, with the player naturally taking the role of Vectorman - a modular robot consisting of interchangeable, upgradeable parts - rescuing the planet of Gamma 6 from its evil inhabitant, Volt. Vectorman has access to more than 15 devastating weapons and 25 high-tech upgrades to help him out.

Sega is especially proud of the use of "advanced" AI throughout Vectorman. Gamma 6's inhabiting Orbots go about their daily lives, working and reacting to Vectorman's every move. Enemy soldiers can adapt to their environment, take cover when attacked and use advanced strategic tactics to create deep, varied combat that challenges gamers to approach each encounter differently.

The game also boasts an advanced physics engine that enables the environment itself to crumble and break apart, subsequently letting the player utilise pieces of surrounding scenery for defensive and attacking moves, making things sound rather War Of The Monsters to us, which can be no bad thing.

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