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E3 2003: Buka's line-up

Games, apparently. Lots of them.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Russia's Buka Entertainment has revealed its mostly new line-up for this year's E3. Here's what we can expect:

The Entente: World War I Battlefields, a historic RTS with players taking charge of Russian, French, German, Austrian or British forces across five campaigns that vary according to the real historical role of each participant.

Fair Strike is a helicopter sim featuring six choppers (AH-64A Apache, RAH-66 Comanche, PAH-2 Tiger, Ka-50 Hokum, Ka-52 Alligator, Ka-58 Black Ghost) for us in 38 missions in the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and the Middle East.

Elsewhere and quite briefly, we've got Midnight Nowhere, an atmospheric story-driven adventure; Steamland - a bizarre RTS in which the planets population is warring steam machinery; Battle Mages - a curious mix of RTS and RPG in a typical fantasy setting, populated by orcs and goblins and elves and... Well, you get the idea...

...Deep breath... Charm of War, in which we have no idea what you do, but is apparently based on Russian folklore and fairytales; Hard Truck Tycoon, a scintillating-sounding truck business sim; Paradise Cracked - a cyberpunk tactical RPG; Echelon: Wind Warriors - a futuristic flight combat title; MARCH!: Offworld Recon - a combination of "FPS, arcade, and tactical simulation"; Spells of Gold - a fantasy RPG with heavy reliance on trading; and Red Shark, where you're the pilot of a time travelling helicopter - we played the demo of this last week and decided it was a bit rubbish.

Been itching to hear some news on those, haven't you? Right, I'm off.

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