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Studio Cambridge gets Ghosthunting

Who ya gonna call?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SCEE released details today of another forthcoming PS2 action-adventure title - Ghosthunter. Not to be confused with Empire's Ghost Master (well, we were confused for a second, anyway), the game is in development by Studio Cambridge, the masterminds behind - ahem - Primal, C-12: Final Resistance and the MediEvil series.

Ghosthunter charts the tale of Lazarus Jones, a Detroit cop who has turned his hand to demon hunting, having accidentally fused with one spirit which enables him to see ghosts, and had his partner, Anna Steele, abducted by another phantom - this is of course where you come in, ridding the world of a ghostly menace and all the while attempting to locate your partner.

Inspired by the cinematic styling and aesthetics of classic horror movie production, the Studio Cambridge is hoping to appeal to action gamers and horror fans alike. Like Resident Evil does. SCEE are aiming for a Winter 2003 release.

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