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Headhunter back for Redemption

First showing at E3

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Sega has announced that Headhunter: Redemption will be demoed for the first time at E3 this year - exclusively on PlayStation 2, by the sound of it. The game, in development at internal Sega studio Amuze, is due out in North America and Europe in late 2003.

As with the original game, the player will handle Jack Wade, a veteran headhunter trying to keep order in a near-future world of unchecked consumerism, organised crime and mind-controlling media (ahem). Jack and protégé Leeza X (ew) have stumbled across an arms smuggling operation which needs to be shut down.

Sega's US man Mike Fischer claims Redemption will deliver "a blockbuster twist on the stealth/action genre," employing two disparate, symbiotic realities - "Above" and "Below", Above being a glittering metropolis and Below a subterranean colony. Demolition Man, anyone?

As keen observers may note, Headhunter: Redemption was one of the titles on the supposed list of forthcoming Sega Europe releases, lending credibility to the rest of the list, which included remakes/updates of many popular franchises.

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