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World War II: Frontline Command demo released

You want mirrors? We gots ya stinkin' mirrors!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

We're pleased to announce the release of the official World War 2: Frontline Command demo, courtesy of publishers KOCH Media and developers the Bitmap Brothers. Featuring one exclusive Normandy mission not available in the retail release, and the opportunity to gather new military hardware much faster than in the full game, the demo offers a comprehensive look at the forthcoming real-time strategy title.

Set during the climax of the Second World War, Frontline Command lets aspiring generals make the strategic commands necessary to turn the tide of Axis aggression and liberate occupied Europe. Boasting some highly advanced AI that apparently reacts to your strategy as you play, 25 single player missions that span from 1944-45, 23 historically accurate command able units per-side, and four-player multiplayer across a possible 35 maps, World War II: Frontline Command could be well worth the attention of strategy heads when it's released this May.

We've sorted out a few mirrors for you to grab the sizeable 138mb file from, so take your pick. Thanks to the following sites for their services:

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