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Enter The Matrix goes gold


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Image credit: Eurogamer

InfogramesNotAtari division and Shiny have announced that Enter The Matrix has gone gold! All four versions (that's PS2, Cube, Xbox and PC) will ship on May 15th, the same day that The Matrix Reloaded goes on show in the US (and we all take time off from E3 to go and see it, ha!).

Said Sir David of Perry: "Over two years ago, Joel Silver, the producer of The Matrix trilogy, and the Wachowski brothers, the writers and directors, envisioned a new way that Hollywood and the video game industry could work together. Their concept required Shiny to build a video game containing every single element of the Matrix experience, and it was essential that this groundbreaking game be delivered on time with their movie, so Matrix fans could experience it all at once. Today, those objectives have been met, and soon gamers around the world will enjoy the results of this unprecedented collaboration, gaining a unique insight into the Matrix universe."

Kristan had the chance to play Enter The Matrix last week, so he'll be bringing you his thoughts later on. Possibly even today (if he can get his PC working, the fool).

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