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Battlefield due for upgrade

Hup 2, 3, 1.4

Battlefield 1942 is set to get another good patching with the announcement from DiCE and EA that a 1.4 upgrade is in the works. There is no release date set for the patch yet, but some details on what we can expect in the way of changes have been revealed. These will include the fixing of a tank repair exploit meaning tanks can no longer repair in airplane hangars, an improved voting interface, a Linux server and two new guns - the DP 1928 Japanese assault rifle and the Type 99 Russian assault rifle.

The other notable announcement is that the patch will break all client-side modifications permanently in a bid to rid the game of the kind of cheating scum that plagues online PC gaming at the moment. And about time too. This doesn't mean all modifications will be broken, and full "server-side" modifications such as Desert Combat will continue to function.