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Midway makes Roadkill


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Midway has revealed Roadkill, a new combat driving title currently in development for PS2, Xbox and GameCube. No relation to the tremendous top-down Amiga racer of the same name, Roadkill actually bears more than a passing resemblance to one of our old favourites, Carmageddon.

Players will play the part of a mercenary belonging to one of many gangs vying for control of a post-apocalyptic landscape, and can employ over 30 vehicles that can be equipped with all manner of weaponry, such as machine guns, guided missiles, and grenade launchers. There will be 30 missions available to keep players occupied, and a GTA3-style radio feature should provide a decent audio accompaniment - if not, the Xbox version supports stored music on the hard drive.

Roadkill is set for release this Autumn.

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