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Monte Cristo to publish Fire Chief

Cigars cause fire, people

Monte Cristo today announced the planned release of Fire Chief for PC during the month of June. It's a simple enough idea - you control a squad of specialised firefighters and vehicles, and have to make the right decisions to tackle devastating blazes in various scenarios.

There will be six distinct firefighter classes; the basic model will have an axe, the paramedic will transport wounded, the technical officer will close gas valves and handle machinery, the commando infiltrates the most inaccessible areas, the "de-incarceration" specialist who can overcome obstacles and the approach suit specialist. There will also be all sorts of red shiny equipment, like water ladders, rescue ladders, pumpers and tankers, not to mention big ole fire engines.

Fire Chief's development has been augmented by an international consultant, who has worked on all manner of real world fire incidents. With Monte Cristo aiming for "maximum realism" according to the press release, his input should make a big difference.

Fire Chief is due out in June and will probably cost £29.99. Blame Prescott.