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What's will be New?

Or is new. We're not sure whether it's all out today or tomorrow.

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This week is actually not so bad for games, despite a bit of confusion as to whether they're out today. We hardly expect the shops to be closed tomorrow though, so you should be able to get them then regardless.

We've got quite a lot of big name games this week, but the best of them is definitely the least hyped. War of the Monsters may not be "big name" for Sony, who chose instead to back a limp fantasy adventure with a magic woman, but for us it's one of their best all year. It's probably the most fun you and your friends can have with an eight-storey-tall gorilla on any console, and that's quite a statement.

However it's not the only game out this week. We've got a couple of big guns on the PC - namely Devastation (review later today) and Vietcong (review soon). However, neither has exactly set the world on fire, shall we say? Slightly more interesting is the release on multiple platforms of X-Men: Wolverine's Revenge. We'll let you know how that turned out when Activision send us a review copy, and not just pre-release code.

Otherwise you won't mind much to tickle your fancy at full price, unless you're a Yu-Gi-Oh fan, in which case Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel on the GameBoy Advance might do something for you.

In the budget corner though, a couple of excellent titles make their way onto the PS2 Platinum label this week. First we have Gran Turismo Concept, which isn't as sim-centred as its big brother GT3 but still warms our hearts at a measly £15 (although it did launch at £20-25 anyway), and SSX Tricky, which is one of our favourite games ever.

Anyway. Merry Easter everybody! And a happy new love handle.

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