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Multiple disc Matrix a month away

There is no DVD

Apparently somebody did go to SCORE 2003 this year (it's an independent retail trade show thingamajig), and that somebody was an Infogrames representative, who told the assembled ranks that Enter The Matrix is going to appear on multiple discs - for each format. According to IGN, the PS2, Xbox and GameCube versions will each be a two-disc product, which sort of makes sense, while the PC version will be a six CD offering. Yes, six. In a double-DVD-style case. And what's more, PC owners will have to pay extra for the privilege of owning this monstrosity. Hello? Earth to Infogrames? Use a DVD?

Enter The Matrix is due out on May 15th. Your humble correspondent is being bound to a chair in his LA hotel room and forced to review it while everyone else parties.

Source: IGN