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Activision calls Spark to console Duty

Same name, different game

Activision has announced the first console title to bear its Call of Duty umbrella brand. This Call of Duty (helpfully there's no subtitle or anything) is in development at California-based Spark Unlimited, and is due out on PS2, Xbox and GameCube next year. It's been in development since late 2002, and is totally different to Infinity Ward's previously announced FPS.

As with the PC title, Spark's Call of Duty is a World War II shooter with an emphasis on gritty realism. Well, as with just about every other WW2 FPS, but you know. We should pay particular attention here, because "Spark is an incredibly talented developer," according to Activision's Larry Goldberg. "The team members have an impressive track record of making first-person action games. Through this alliance, we will be able to continue delivering fantastic titles on the console platforms for many years to come."

Source: IGN