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Midway is Suffering

Don't drop the soap

Midway has revealed some details about its intriguing new survival horror title, The Suffering. Set in a maximum-security prison, the player assumes the role of the rather naffly named death row prisoner, Torque, as the ghosts of past executions besiege the prison. Accidentally released during all the fracas, Torque sets off across the game's nine levels to discover his past and confront not only the apparitions running amok, but other prisoners and prison guards. The player's actions during the game will determine which of three endings they will end up seeing.

Things seem to get a little cheesy when Midway starts mentioning the fact that Torque can transform into some kind of monstrous alter ego, but hopefully it's not as bad a move as it sounds. With many of the creatures depicted in the game's designed by Stan Winston, who's portfolio includes Jurassic Park, Edward Scissorhands, and Aliens, we can at least expect a significant amount of impressive character design.

The Suffering is due for release this autumn, but we have no idea which platforms Midway has in mind.

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