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Pokémon Cube title details

It is an add-on, and it is dirt cheap

Earlier in the year, Nintendo confirmed that the first Pokémon game on GameCube will be a Ruby and Sapphire GBA add-on, but that was about all we heard. However IGN has unearthed news that Koro Koro, a Japanese monthly, has been showcasing the Cube title, dubbed Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire, and explaining how it will work.

As expected, players will have to hook their GBA versions up to the Cube via the GC-GBA cable, and the 'game' will allow you to view the abilities of all your Pokémon, organise them and arrange Pokémon Pieces to show off to your friends.

The title will be released in two versions; the first comprising a game and memory card 59 for 2,000 yen (€15/£11), and the second much the same, but with the GC-GBA cable for 2,800 yen (€22/£15). Obviously the memory card 59 will have funky stickers to keep it all shiny and spangly, and the Cube releases are planned for May 30th in Japan.

As you may remember from yesterday, Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire are due out in Europe on July 25th.