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E3 2003: Codemasters line-up

Colin McRae, OpFlash, LMA Manager, etc

And so it begins. E3 kicks off roughly this time next month, running from May 14th to 16th at the LA Convention Centre - sorry, Center - and publishers are starting to send us their line-ups. Codemasters is first, then, exhibiting at booth #746 in the South Hall (not that you care), and their stand is described as the firm's "biggest E3 presence yet".

Central to the display will be Pop Idol (or American Idol as it's known over there) on PS2 and PC, and we're looking forward to seeing if the hateful television show can be rescued by the Codies' rhythm-action stylings. Codies are also promising some "very familiar Idol faces" at their booth. Feel free to record your 'must punch' suggestions below and we'll do our best.

Also on the stand will be the next Colin McRae Rally title (or bits of it), and a look at the next Operation Flashpoint and LMA Manager titles. And premiering exclusively at E3 is Battlefield Command, Codies' attempt at a World War II RTS. Elsewhere we should be able to see Dragon Empires (PC), all four million versions of Club Football (PS2, Xbox) and Operation Flashpoint (Xbox).