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VR of the Monsters

QuickTime, er, time

It's true, we don't normally indulge in "rich media", and we're pretty sure you can guess why. Still, there are occasions, particularly with games that we like, that we feel compelled to break with tradition. War of the Monsters is one such game, due out this Friday, and held in pretty high regard around here. So, since you're beginning to wonder what we're alluding to, here are a couple of QuickTime VR files showing off scenes from the game in three whole dimensions. Or thereabouts. That's here (730KB, Kineticlops shocking Congar) and here (550KB, Ultra-V attacks Robo-47 from behind). These come courtesy of our chums at PlayStation.com, who actually have a total of 12 of the things, with more coming in the week.

Source: PlayStation.com