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Devastation at retail

Holy Friday!

It's Good Friday this week, which has something to do with Easter, but more importantly is a bank holiday. This means we'll be running away and hiding on Thursday evening, and won't return until we've gorged ourselves on chocolate bunnies and beer. Hrm, we could even try drinking the beer from the chocolate bunnies! Anyway, what all this means is that there is widespread confusion - and outright panic - amongst paranoid gamers petrified that their favourite boutique will be shut and unable to sell them Lego Drome Racers or some crap. Fortunately, our local GAME (a microcosm for the games-flogging retail society, we'll have you know) claims that they will be ignoring the occasion to flog games anyway. "BloodRayne," they tell us, "is this week's big title".

NovaLogic might beg to differ though, announcing last Friday that Devastation, a first person shooter of HD Interactive's design, has achieved goldness and will be distributed to retail to go on sale on April 17th (that's Thursday). We can independently confirm this, because NovaLogic were nice enough to send us a boxed copy at the weekend (and very spangly it is too). We'll be bringing you our thoughts on the Unreal-powered "cyberpunk FPS" later this week.