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Titus turns PC into a Combat Zone

Plane and simple

Have you got what it takes? Has anybody ever had what whatever it is apparently takes? Because we hear this a lot, and nobody ever elaborates. If we were cynical, and some people would say we are, we might think of it as some sort of filler cliché for bored public relations people to use on Fridays. Or Thursdays, since this one is a day old. But we digress…

Top Gun Combat Zones, a former PS2 game that dragged us to the Eastbourne Air Show and threw us into a wobbly seafront-mounted simulator in pursuit of handsome write-ups, is finally coming to the PC this month. In Europe. Publisher Titus describes the game as a "PlayStation 2 smash hit," although we don't remember it that way, and promises that the PC version will deliver "true arcade gaming action", "amazing graphics", and "gorgeous low-level landscapes [eh?] including the Arctic, Southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf".

In fairness to the game, we haven't played it for some years, such has been the length of the PC version's incubation, and it might be an improvement over the original, but the press release doesn't mention any specific improvements. It just asks if you're Top Gun. Stop worrying about us, chaps! Worry about yourselves!

Top Gun Combat Zones is due out on the somethingth of April. This is what it looks like.