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Be The Hulk in June

A decidedly un-jolly green giant

Vivendi has announced today that the licensed game of The Hulk movie will be in stores on June 13th, a few weeks before the film opens in the UK on July 18th.

Developed by Vancouver-based Radical Entertainment for simultaneous Xbox, PS2, GameCube and PC release, The Hulk looks to be an action adventure which is set during events that come after the film in an exclusive storyline specifically crafted for the game. Players will be able to master two different types of gameplay, one as Bruce Banner and one as The Hulk, who is able to take on opponents and smash through any physical obstacle with an impressive range of over 45 different attacks.

Apparently the game makes use of comic book art, imagery from the film and visuals created especially from the game, though judging from the screenshots we got in February, they don't seem to have made a particularly good job of it. We'll naturally reserve judgement until we get to see more of it, though.