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Eden's Kya undressed

Sonic meets Zelda at Lara's house

InfogramesNotAtari has released details of Kya: Dark Lineage, in development at Eden Studios for PlayStation 2, and to be shown in some detail at E3. Although we haven't sourced any screenshots at the time of writing, we are given the usual song and dance about "highly-aesthetic environments" and unrivalled beauty. The game is powered by Eden's own proprietary game engine, we're told, which affords Kya "a liberating sense of movement and freedom" in a world that "delivers high-resolution models and textures, smooth-blended animation and utilises spectacular physics". So make of that what you will.

The game itself seems to be an adventure of sorts, as (female) lead character Kya quests to find her lost brother and a way back home. Along the way she encounters a peaceful tribe, the Nativs, oppressed by the evil Brazul and his army of Wolfens. Incensed by this, Kya decides to lead a rebellion against Brazul and has to acquire magical powers in order to save the Nativs, and return the enchanted Wolfens to their Nativ alter-egos.

Kya's powers include the ability to ride the wind currents and slide down waterfalls and mountains to reach previously unattainable areas. But of course Brazul isn't all that thrilled by Kya's antics, and aims to put a stop to them.

The game is a long way off yet (tellingly, Infogrames doesn't mention a release date), but we are promised a showing at E3, and we'll be sure to let you know what we make of it when we get the chance.