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Dead or Alive, you're coming to the cinema

Sad but true

According to a story on the Hollywood Reporter, plans for a live action movie based on Tecmo's Dead or Alive series have been cemented and the film is about to enter production. Headed up by Impact Pictures, the same team responsible for the Resident Evil movie sequel, the film is going to run up an estimated cost of $30 million. The story is said to rather predictably focus on four female characters from the game who are invited to take part in the fighting tournament on an exotic island, and will be penned by J.F. Lawton, also known for his work on Pretty Woman and, er, Under Siege. Great.

In related news, Reuters reported that Tecmo is planning to release Dead or Alive 4 by the end of 2004, and the Dead or Alive movie will be available at the cinemas around the same time. In addition, the DOA spin-off title Dead or Alive: Code Cronus is scheduled for an Autumn 2003 release worldwide.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter (subscription only story)