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Ensemble releases free AoM campaign

Loki here!

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Age of Mythology fans have been dealt a new campaign to keep them happy this morning, in the shape of an official offering from Ensemble Studios. Called "The Golden Gift", the campaign catalogues dwarven brothers Brokk and Eitri (featured in the AoM Fall of the Trident campaign) and their first meeting with the Norse god Loki. Far from a few maps and squiggles of text, this campaign includes four scenarios, and new voice acting by the original actors.

The campaign runs to a 10.7MB download, which you can find on the official AoM website here. There are plenty of other downloads on that page, too, including a demo of the game, the latest patch, a boatload of videos and even skins for WindowBlinds. Enjoy.

Source: GameSpot

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