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Namco unveils Tales of Symphonia

Cube RPG? What?

GameSpot reports that Namco has announced Tales of Symphonia for GameCube, the latest game in the long-running 'Tales' series. Symphonia is set in the homeland of Lloyd Arving, a 17-year-old boy raised by dwarves after his parents' death. Along with his 12-year-old magician friend Genious Sage, he sets out on a mission with a girl called Colette Brunel, whose fate it is to save the world by turning into an angel. Which sounds eerily familiar.

However, the twist (and there had to be one) is that their world of Silvaland, which is being gradually torn apart, has a flipside to it called Teseiala, and the two civilisations balance one another out. When one world flourishes, the other diminishes. When a woman sits under a tree eating creamy yoghurt in Silvaland, a bloke in Teseiala gets his danglies shredded by a rotweiler.

Another twist in the Tale [fired -Ed] is the new full-3D engine, which will require an evolution of the battle sequences. Other than that, all we know is that Kosuke Fujishima of Tales of Phantasia/Ah! My Goddess fame will be the game's official illustrator, a fact which summoned a "whoop!" of delight from Rob.

Source: GameSpot