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Crammond back with Stunt Car Racer Pro

Doing something other than Grand Prix - at last!

Veteran gamers rejoice! The revered Geoff Crammond and his Simergy team are back with Stunt Car Racer Pro - an update of his classic Amiga/ST title from fourteen years ago.

Described as "a radical evolution" of "one of the most innovative and influential driving games of all time", the news will definitely be exciting to gamers of a certain "vintage".

Crammond commented: "A sequel or upgrade to Stunt Car Racer has been suggested by various third parties over the years, but I could never agree to anything which didn't have my complete involvement at every level." Control freak, Geoff?.

"My commitment [read: total decade long obsession] to Formula One simulations over the past few years was very intensive, but now the time seems just about perfect to produce Stunt Car Racer Pro."

John Cook of Bad Management, Crammond's Business Manager, offered: "A new version of Stunt Car Racer is one of the most anticipated driving games ever. The game has exceptionally high brand recognition among opinion formers and we have a new take on multiplayer/Internet play which will make Stunt Car Racer Pro a genuine AAA title next year."

Details of the title are scant to say the least, with no details currently available on the target platforms, release date, or even publisher.

The situation was aided somewhat by Infogrames' puzzling decision to axe its Chipping Sodbury studio in the autumn of last year. Previous to Crammond's GP love-in, the man was responsible for all manner of cracking titles on various 8 and 16-bit platforms, including the oddball The Sentinel (plus the ignored sequel The Sentinel Returns from '98), Revs, and Aviator.