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Microsoft can't Tork

All Tork, no play!

"Microsoft Game Studios has made the difficult decision to end development on Tork," an official statement from the Xbox platform holder reads today. The Tiwak-developed platformer could still appear somewhere, but will have little to do with Microsoft if it does. "We recognise that Tork is a great game and value our developer relationships, so we are doing everything we can to help Tiwak bring their ideas and development of Tork through another publisher," MS wept. But we can't help picking up on the crocodile tears, because MS will publish any old crap these days and Tork actually looked good. "We currently have a huge portfolio of titles in development, including a number of exciting platformers and great new games from Rare, and made the decision to focus our resources on other games," the statement concludes.

Source: IGN