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Capcom shifts dev focus away from Cube

Res Evil series et al going multi-platform once again

Capcom prompted more questions than answers yesterday when its Japanese HQ issued a statement to clarify its software development strategy.

While restating that the current GameCube exclusives such as Resident Evil 4 would remain so, it indicated that future versions would be available across other formats, confirming rumours that have been rife all year.

The reasoning? Well, it can't have impressed Capcom's financial men to note that the Nintendo's GameCube sales targets for 2002 were closer to 10 million than the 15 million that the Big N originally forecast. Nor the fact that its 'latest title' (It didn't specify which) is projected to sell 1.12 million; way short of it 1.42 million shipment target.

Knowing Capcom, even though Resident Evil 4, PN03, Viewtiful Joe, Killer 7, et al are currently 'exclusive' to the Cube, we're sure that with a bit of name changing jiggery pokery and exclusive content, these stunning looking titles may end up on other platforms after all.

The PS2 is likely to be the prime beneficiary of such tactics, given that the Xbox accounted for just 1.5 per cent of Capcom's sales last year. Expect E3 to throw up some good news.